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Why Empowerment Counseling​ for Girls?

 She deserves to feel Strong, Confident, and Comfortable in Her Own Skin.

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Why Empowerment Counseling?

Empowerment Counseling provides tween, teen, and college-age girls with a safe avenue to air their worries, define their feelings, ask questions, and develop new life skills without judgement.  Our work together will focus on skill and confidence building, NOT labels and stigma.

I believe...

  • All girls can benefit from support and empowerment as they learn to manage everyday life challenges.
  • Being proactive and preventive is key to healthy and happy development.
  • Every girl deserves to feel strong, confident, and comfortable in her own skin.
  • Having someone neutral to talk to can make all the difference!

My role is to guide, coach, and empower girls to build their self-esteem and confidence so that they can make healthy life choices.

Counseling Topics Include:

  • School stress & academic performance
  • Transitioning to high school or college
  • Organization & time-management
  • Enhancing relationships with parents and siblings
  • Building resiliency and healthy coping skills
  • Managing emotions
  • Respect for self and others
  • Developing positive self-esteem
  • Improving body-image
  • Healthy dating (break-ups, choices, respect, etc.)
  • Friendship challenges and "fitting in"
  • Dealing with bullies and drama
  • Exploring identity
  • College life (roommates, classes, and independence)
  • Employment (first job, bosses, and co-workers)
  • Goal setting and future planning

The Details

The Details

  • Investment: $150 per Individual session, $60 per Group session
  •   Online and in-person sessions available.  In-person sessions require proof of full vaccination, signed consent, and mask.
  • Weekend & Evening appointments available.
  • There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, otherwise the full session fee is due.

PLEASE NOTE:  My practice is 100% private pay.  I do not accept insurance as payment or participate with any insurance panels.  Don't Panic!  Most insurances will allow you to utilize your out-of-network benefits for partial reimbursement.  Please contact your insurance company to review your out-of-network benefits for mental health services provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW-R).