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Supporting Parents = Supporting Girls

 She deserves to feel Strong, Confident, and Comfortable in Her Own Skin.

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Parent Support is Here!

Are you worried about, frustrated with, or exhausted by your daughter's choices or behaviors?

Want a peaceful home and better sleep at night knowing that your daughter is on the right path?

Parenting through the adolescent years definitely has its challenges and today's "Girl World" doesn't make it any easier.  Whether it is managing technology, setting curfews, dealing with mood swings, or needing to rediscover yourself, at some point, every parent needs guidance, support, or new strategies.  Even if you daughter is resistant to counseling, I may still be of help to you!!

Parent Consultations

I help parents...

  • Improve communication with their daughter
  • Better understand and nurture adolescent development
  • Better manage school/homework battles
  • Manage family transitions such as divorce or new marriage
  • Improve co-parenting
  • Address discipline challenges and peer-related issues
  • Assess and define parenting styles
  • Manage Internet, cell phone, video games, and media influences
  • Understand the importance of self-care
  • Obtain community resources and referrals

The Details

Video and Phone sessions available.

Investment: $150 per session (Private Pay, Not insurance reimbursable).

Online Moms Support Group

Raising a daughter is not easy.  This relaxed, non-judgmental group will provide you with the community, practical advice, and empowerment needed to stay sane while raising a strong, confident daughter.  We will discuss a broad range of teen issues, as well as the importance of self-care.  This is a support and informational group only.  It is not a replacement for counseling or psychotherapy.   

The Details

Investment: $60 per session (paid monthly, Not insurance reimbursable)

When: Group is held weekly